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They are betting that a certain (obviously just) falls as number delete. In other words, you are betting that two threes, two fours, etc. falls. Hard Way Bets only win if the chosen number is not previously thrown a "soft way", that is in a different combination. Than the doublet (for example, the eight with a five and a three).

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The bet on Do not Pass is "stand off" (draw) when the shooter throws a coming out twelve. On the whole, one can say, the do not pass bet loses if the pass bet wins. The shooter rolls a number that is neither covered by the pass, yet the do not pass bet, then the dice roll - as mentioned above - set as "Point".

Have you made a bet with the shooter, you must now hope that the point is again before a seven is rolled. If the first seven, you lose and win the do not pass bet. The great thing about craps gambling online or live is that you do not need to wait until a new round, but any time can join. Once a point has been established, you can simply complete all the bets that you appear sensible.

As with any game, there are also live and online rules that the player needs to address. How to play the best, means more than just knowing how to place his bets. If you live the game and really want to play well, then you have to know the game in all its facets well, by this we mean, for example, the odds and rules.