Playing Blackjack Game

The stakes were provided with "Deal" confirmed distributed the cards the croupier. The players, as well as the croupier will get one card, then all players except the croupier another open (or depending on the table this rule can also be initially hidden) card.

The player left of the croupier begins his game, as long as he can request additional cards (hit) until he feels close enough to have come at 21 and does not want any more cards (stand). He has, however, exceeds 21 (bust) will be used and the cards immediately confiscated and he has thus lost.

Once all players have made their game is the croupier's turn and pulls his second card. In contrast to the player that he is bound by the rules. He has 17 or more points they have to stop, must be 16 or fewer points, draw another card. If the croupier 21 all remaining players at the table won, or automatically win the players who have come closer than the croupier to 21.

Blackjack has one, if you get an ace and a ten or an ace and a face card. Then the player gets a half times his bet paid if the croupier does not also have a blackjack (or generally tied to the croupier). In this case (push) the player gets back his bet, but he gains nothing. If the player wins against the croupier with another sheet (no blackjack) he gets a profit in the amount of its use (1: 1)

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Shows the dealer's first card is an ace and the vomited the hidden card picture card one or 10, may be, you can if you are allowed at the game table, give an appropriate use as insurance against a blackjack. If the croupier actually a blackjack insurance bet this is a ratio of 2: 1 paid if he does not have Blackjack, the use away.