The History of Keno

Keno history continues. Gradually, as more casinos are built a bit by all the world , Keno get feedback. The Internet has also affected the history of Keno. Currently, there are Lottery Keno Online and premiums that would have to sweat the Nevada Gaming Commission, even during the golden age of Las Vegas.You can play Keno online at any of the online casinos selected by our experts for you afford to play safely . If you do, do not forget the 3,000 year history of Keno or the clever invention of Cheung Leung who made ??it all possible.

Horse Racing Keno unfolded like this: 80 numbers were written on pieces of paper and placed in small tubes. For each game, we drew twenty numbers. Finally, these papers have become wooden balls that everyone called "peas". Later, Warren Nelson is on vacation in Long Beach, California, he saw a cage with a ping-pong table that was used to draw quotations.

He brought one in Nevada and adopted for Keno. The Keno rules have not changed either. A legacy of the Chinese Lottery still exists in Keno, even in casinos online : the "spots". Initially the Chinese Lottery and Keno cards were compiled scoring points on the required numbers with a brush of camel hair and ink, just like the traditional Chinese writing. Only two locations in Nevada do this again, the Club Cal-Neva in Reno (casino Warren Nelson) and Showboat in Las Vegas.

At the end, the government of the United States decided that the benefit of off-track horse racing should be taxed, so the casino operators have paid additional changes to the name and history of Keno by eliminating the section "Courses Horse "and calling the game simply Keno. This name remained so to this day and is well known online casinos too. In 1963, the Nevada limited the price to $ 25,000 later, in 1979, the limit was increased to $ 50,000. In 1989, the limits were abolished and Keno casino began offering huge jackpots.