The Origin of Blackjack

The blackjack , like many other games today card, has its origins in several games that have all brought their personal touch. It is through the human migrations that this game could have evolved from continent to continent, in the hands of sailors and travelers who exported.

If, like us, you are passionate about blackjack, then you will be interested in a return to the past that we're going to do to trace the history of blackjack. Follow us go.At that time in Italy, we play a game called the 31 The aim was to draw maps to achieve a score of 31 or in any case more close. The valuation of cards was already the same as today, found in modern blackjack. There is evidence that this game has ever existed and has made ??its source in Italy since the early texts are speaking from a sermon that an Italian monk wrote to revolt against the games that involved an element of chance in the part.

31 had to travel to all the countries which today make Europe because we find traces of this game in many writings of the 16th century. The resemblance of the name, the goal of the game and the valuation maps leave much to think that this is the direct ancestor of blackjack.

Losing the game when you pass the goal of the game come to him 7 ½, also an Italian game which is based on the same principle but with a target of 7 ½, knowing that the valuation of cards was different. Anyway, in this game , if you pass the goal, you lose automatically. It seems that this notion come from that game.

it is the reign of Louis XV. Most busy entertaining rather than appear reign king sees a new game, the 21 This game quickly takes effect in the court of France. The noble appreciate, so much that one comes to organize, under the influence of his favorite at the time, Jeanne du Barry, evenings "21" where everyone engages in the game.It is likely that the game that was called to the base 31 became 21 just for the sake of speed in games, 21 being faster to reach 31.