Video Poker Online

The Video Poker is a relatively simple game, after all, the goal is to make you the best possible hand in keeping or discarding the cards you are dealt. It is important to note that unlike real poker, you do not play here against the players, but against the house, so there is no bluff, no recovery and you can not fold.

For video poker, there are several things you should know. First you must decide how much you want to bet, of course, the more you bet, the greater your chance to win big, the first being generally require at least a pair of jacks (this may vary depending on the game of video poker you chose). You have the most games the opportunity to bet up to 5 coins, with different earnings by poker game you choose. Also know that many video poker today offer the ability to play multi-hand, that is to say that you can play with 5, 10, see 50 hands, allowing you to multiply your winnings and making the game even more exciting!

Also, most games allow you to try the double or quits when you win the hand. The game is very simple, although it may vary slightly depending on the version. It is usually 5 cards face down, then you have to choose one and hope that it is higher than the dealer's card, then you will double your winnings or you will leave nothing.

Video Poker, you have many choices available to you regarding the variants proposed by the casinos online . The most popular will be the Joker or Wild Deuces Wild, these versions allow players with a 2 or Joker to replace any card to get the best possible combination. Not to mention the Jacks or Better which the chances of winning the bet are the highest of all variations of Video Poker. All that remains for you to throw your sights on the version that will make you shiver and you think you can win big.